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Going Visual

The recent explosion in the use of digital cameras and camera phones is changing not only our personal lives, but also how we work and compete in our business lives. GOING VISUAL shows the reader how to turn these cool, easy-to-use devices into powerful business tools.

Going Visual is the first book to clearly show how the use of imaging in everyday business communications improves any company's productivity, decision-making, profitability and competitive edge. This book will educate the business reader to the enormous power of communicating more concisely and more clearly by using photos and video in ways they've never imagined. Through examples in fields as diverse as building trades, service industries, retail and wholesale sales, marketing, manufacturing, facilities management, maintenance, interior design, landscaping, human resources, operations, legal, accounting and IT, GOING VISUAL puts the adage "a picture is worth a thousand words" to work, with startlingly effective results.

Through real-world success stories, the authors outline a five-step plan for developing a Visual Communications Strategy that will guide virtually any businessperson through simple steps to become more productive, and to make better decisions, sharpening every organization's competitive edge and improving its bottom line.

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